Riley Keough, Daughter of Lisa Marie Presley, Longs for Reunion with Mother and Brother Amidst Career Success

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Remembering Loved Ones: Riley Keough Shares Heartfelt Nostalgia for Her Mother and Brother

They were two of the most important people in her life and it is at times like the one she is currently living in that she misses them the most. Riley Keough, 34, has shared his nostalgia with all his followers, a very heartfelt memory of his mother Lisa Marie Presley and his brother Benjamin, whom he shows in a blank image and black.

“I miss you” he writes along with a funny snapshot in which Lisa Marie is seen with an eleven-year-old Benjamin who makes a face at the camera. Childhood memories that inevitably cause a lot of emotion in the actress, who has had to learn to live without them too soon.

Benjamin Keough’s Anniversary and Riley Keough’s Emmy Nomination

The moment Riley shared this memory is undoubtedly significant. Not only did she do it on the three-year anniversary of her brother’s death, but she has just been nominated for an Emmy Award for her latest work. Lights and shadows for the recently nominated for best leading actress in the series Daisy Jones & the Six.

She competes with names like Beef’s Ali Wong, Swarm’s Dominque Fishback, George & Tammy’s Jessica Chastain, Try Beautiful Things’ Kathryn Hahn and Trouble’s Lizzy Caplan. The interpreter confessed emotionally in statements to E! News: “I am surprised, I feel very grateful and honored.” She surely misses celebrating this professional triumph with her mother and brother.

Priscilla Presley’s Tribute to Benjamin Keough

Priscilla Presley also remembered Benjamin with some nice words. “Needless to say, this has been a very solemn day for me – the anniversary of the passing of my grandson Ben. Words cannot express how much we miss you. Ninth”. Lisa Marie Presley’s son tragically passed away in July 2020 at the age of 27, while Lia Marie herself died on January 12 of cardiac arrest at 54.

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The Legal Battle and Riley Keough’s Role

The weeks after her mother’s death they were complicated for Riley due to the legal dispute that her grandmother initiated in reference to the will of the daughter the king of rock.

The legal conflict with her grandmother daughter removed her from the management of the trust in which her fortune is collected to place Riley was invalid. Grandmother and granddaughter reached an agreement whereby Riley will pay more than 920,000 euros to her grandmother (plus 370,000 euros for legal expenses) in exchange for Priscilla’s resignation to continue with the process.

Lisa Marie’s daughter will be in charge of taking care of her mother’s estate and also the part that corresponds to her sisters, Harper and Finley Lockwood, 14 years old. Priscilla’s role is limited to control of the sub-trust that corresponds to her other son Navarone Garibaldi (son of Priscilla and Marco Garibaldi), who will be granted a ninth of Lisa Marie’s assets.

Riley Keough’s Current Life

Once the complicated drink is over, Riley goes through a quiet moment with her husband Ben Smith-Petersen, with whom she has a daughter (nothing was known of her existence until her father mentioned her at Lisa Marie’s funeral).

The actress triumphs with her role as Daisy Jones in the production inspired by the iconic band Fleetwood Mac and the bestseller written by Taylor Jenkins Reid, in which she shares credits with Reese Witherspoon and Sam Claflin. She has been nominated for an Emmy, awards in which the acclaimed Succession, with 27 nominations, The Last of Us, with 24, The White Lotus, with 23, and Ted Lasso, with 22, start as favorites.

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