Riot Games hires former Netflix executive to develop more original movies and series

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Riot Games wants to take its video games beyond PCs and consoles, and for this hired a former Netflix executive. The idea of ​​the company is to extend its projects to the rest of the entertainment areas in the form of films and animated series.

Brian Wright has been hired as content director for Riot. Wright will help develop animated films and series for Riot Entertainment. Also, Riot Games says that Wright will be the bridge video games and movies and series.

At Netflix, Wright worked to bring more original content to the platform, including Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why, Umbrella Academy, and more. Wright says it is “more than delighted“of joining Riot Games, adding:”I can’t wait to bring more exciting stories to players and fans around the world.

Riot Games is known for developing and publishing titles like League of Legends y Valorant. In addition, the company is developing Arcane, an animation series belonging to the League of Legends universe. The series will hit Netflix this fall.

The description of the series places it in the Piltover’s utopian world, among others. The series follows “two iconic League champions who will be separated by powerArcane joins Netflix after the service premiered its Dota 2 series, making Netflix the number one provider of MOBA-genre video game-related anime series.

The jump to League of Legends and Dota 2 is one more of Netflix’s strategies in its attempt to master video game adaptations and put a little more foot in the video game industry. Series like The Witcher are also part of the strategy.

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