Riot Games (League of Legends) goes on vacation for a week; no patches until the return

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The creators of League of Legends are taking a well-deserved summer break. The company has announced a general rest during the week of August 2 to “unplug and recharge.” Therefore, do not expect updates or changes in their main titles, such as Valorant or Legends of Runeterra.

“Gaming teams have changed patch timelines and some teams are placing your breaks to make sure there are no interruptions ”, reveals the company in a statement. “2020 taught us a lot about how we work. Between releasing new games, navigating the pandemic, and hiring a lot of new Rioters, we’ve had the opportunity to experience not just how we offer player experiences, but how we take time to rest, get inspired, and all the essential things that have nothing to do with. to do with work and give us the energy to create better products ”.

The same study points out that last year they evolved a way of resting; in fact, during 2020 they took the first general mid-year break in the company. “It has quickly become in a tradition”, They assure.

Sentinels of Light until August 10 in League of Legends

One of the most interesting points for MOBA players is through Sentinels of the Light, the current theme event. Until next August 10, you will see a new story arc related to the character of Viego, one of the main faces of the next Riot Games game, Ruined King: A League of Legends Story.

You must hurry: you have the remaining strip until that day to be able to level up in the battle pass. Nor can you forget the way Ultimate Spell Book, an unprecedented aspect of the game that allows you to exchange a spell for the ultimate ability of another champion. Know all the details by clicking on this link.

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