Riot Games (League of Legends) prepares the launch of a new client on PC

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Riot Games, the creators of such popular games as League of Legends, Valorant and Legends of Runeterra, have confirmed that they are preparing to launch a new client on PC. We will not have to wait long, since the company calls us “in the next few weeks” to receive it. From September 20 it will begin to be deployed in a sector of the community. If stability is guaranteed, all players will receive the 4th of October.

This is what the new Riot Games client looks like

For those who do not know what it is about, it is the launcher where all the games linked to a publisher or company are gathered, such as Steam for Valve or Origin for Electronic Arts. The team alludes to wanting to develop one “that allows for the best possible experience and gets you quickly into your favorite game while having the opportunity to explore all that Riot has to offer.” You can take a look at what it looks like in the video under this paragraph.

“All Riot games have been using this multi-game client, but customized for each individual game and without having a way to access the Riot library,” they comment on their website. For this reason, the company has developed several elements that facilitate their entry to users, such as “a new user interface, interlaced functions, and much more”.

Whether you play Valorant, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics or League of Legends, you can access them all grouped in one place. What’s more, each game will have its own product page with related information and news. “You can clean your desktop to have just one Riot client where all your favorite Riot games will coexist.”

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As the global date approaches, Riot Games will share more details about those functions that will debut with the client.

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