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Rishi Sunak reveals his favorite meal is sandwiches in last-ditch voter appeal

Rishi Sunak reveals his favorite meal is sandwiches in last-ditch voter appeal

Rishi Sunak has made a final appeal to voters, revealing in a personal interview that his favorite meal is sandwiches.

With less than 24 hours until polls open for the general election, the prime minister sat down with ITV’s This Morning. When asked what his last meal would be in Downing Street, given the polls predicting a potential defeat for the Tories, Mr. Sunak shared that he is a “big sandwich person.”

The prime minister didn’t specify his preferred sandwich fillings but told presenters Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard that he plans to have a locally-made pork pie on Thursday night. Mr. Sunak elaborated, “I always have on election night—we have a bit of a tradition. One of my local butchers, Kitson’s in Northallerton High Street, always does a special election pie.”

He described this pie as a “very good pork pie with a special chutney and some cheese on top.” He mentioned having this pie during all the elections in which he has stood in the Richmond, Yorkshire, constituency. “I have to check in with them,” he added.

This is not the first time Mr. Sunak has discussed his eating habits awkwardly during his campaign. At a Sky News election event, he was asked for “something about you that might make voters like you a bit more again”. Mr. Sunak disclosed his “appalling diet.”

He remarked, “People seem to think I have a very healthy lifestyle and go to the gym. There is an obsession about my fasting. But I actually have an appalling diet because I eat an enormous amount of sugar and am very unhealthy in that regard.”

He continued, “I was talking to someone today about it, and they were completely shocked. I am not sure that this is something that will make someone like me more or less, but I was talking about the amount of Haribos, Twixes, and everything else I get through, particularly during a campaign.”

Previously, as Chancellor, Mr. Sunak was mocked online when a video resurfaced of him telling school pupils that he is a “total coke addict” before clarifying he meant Coca-Cola and not cocaine. In the footage, he told two schoolboys, “I’m a Coke addict. A total Coke addict.”

After a brief pause, he clarified, “Coca-Cola addict. Just for the record. Just to be totally clear. I am a Coca-Cola addict. I have seven fillings to show for it.”

Source: ITV