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Rishi Sunak Stays Defiant as Sir Ed Davey Returns to the Spotlight

Rishi Sunak Stays Defiant as Sir Ed Davey Returns to the Spotlight

Campaigning continued on Sunday with a defiant Rishi Sunak insisting the Tories could still win the General Election, despite languishing in the polls.

The Prime Minister made his comments on the BBC’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg, defending the Conservative record in government against what he described as a “declinist narrative.”

Elsewhere, Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar said he believed the election of Sir Keir Starmer would be the first time in 14 years that a prime minister had been invested in Scotland. Nigel Farage mentioned that “the bad apples are gone” from Reform UK after facing accusations from across the political divide for failing to show leadership over allegations of racism within the party.

Lib Dems leader Sir Ed Davey once again took to the water to promote his party’s message for the July 4 election.

Earlier in the weekend, on Saturday night, Rishi Sunak celebrated the UK as the “world’s most successful multi-ethnic, multi-faith democracy” during a visit to a Hindu temple in north-west London with his wife, Akshata Murty.

While at a major rally in London, featuring a video message of support from Sir Elton John and a speech by comedian Bill Bailey, Sir Keir Starmer went on the attack over the Conservatives’ record in office since 2010.

Earlier on Saturday, both leaders marked Armed Forces Day by visiting former soldiers to share morning tea and memories.

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