Rita Maestre: The Political Powerhouse Running for Mayor of Madrid on 28M

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Community and Madrid City Council Elections

On May 28th, the Community and the Madrid City Council will hold their elections. This event is crucial for both institutions, and all political parties are gearing up for it. One of the most prominent political parties is Más Madrid.

Rita Maestre – Más Madrid’s Mayoral Candidate

Rita Maestre, born in Madrid in 1988, is Más Madrid’s mayoral candidate for the capital. She grew up in the Ventas neighborhood, and her parents worked in municipal institutions. Maestre has a degree in Political Science and Administration, and a postgraduate degree in International Economics and Development.

After working in Latin America, she returned to Spain to work for the Madrid City Council. From 2015-2019, she was the delegate of the Area of ​​Spokesperson, Coordination of the Governing Board and Relations with the Plenary. During this time, she had to leave Podemos, her former party, since the purple formation made the decision to suspend her militancy.

In the 2015 elections, she was number five on the list. In 2019, she was number three for Manuela Carmena’s lists. Currently, she is the spokesperson for the Más Madrid municipal group and a councilor for the town hall.

The Controversy Surrounding Rita Maestre

Maestre was involved in a controversy concerning the Complutense University of Madrid. In 2011, she was one of the participants in a protest against religious buildings at universities in Spain. At the time, she was one of the people who intervened topless, and making prayers such as “less rosaries and more Chinese balls.”

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In 2015, the far-right party Alternativa Derecha and the Tomás Moro Legal Center took legal action against Maestre for this circumstance. The case even reached the courts, with the prosecutor requesting up to a year in prison against the policy. More than a year later, in December 2016, she was unanimously acquitted.

Mónica García – Running for the Madrid City Council

Mónica García is another well-known face in Madrid’s local politics. She is running for the Madrid City Council as part of the Más Madrid party. Before joining Más Madrid, García was part of Podemos.

García has a degree in Medicine, and she has worked as a family doctor before dedicating herself entirely to politics. She is also an activist for public health and the defense of the public healthcare system in Spain.


All eyes are on the upcoming elections for the Community and the Madrid City Council. Political parties are campaigning hard, and voters are watching closely. The Más Madrid party hopes to seize control of both institutions, with Rita Maestre and Mónica García among their key candidates. Despite their controversies, both women are experienced politicians with solid backgrounds and a proven commitment to the city they seek to represent.

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