Rita Ora Opens Up About Her Personal Journey and Overcoming Mental Health Struggles

Rita Ora Opens Up About Her Personal Journey and Overcoming Mental Health Struggles

Rita Ora, the pop sensation known for hits like ‘Let You Love Me’ and ‘How We Do,’ is back with her third album, ‘You & I.’ In a recent interview, Ora gets personal and discusses her journey to self-love, her experiences with therapy, and how she overcame mental health struggles.

Ora reveals that therapy has been a great outlet for her to talk in private and express herself. She credits therapy for helping her find the words to communicate and express her emotions, which she channels into her music. Ora also emphasizes the importance of communication and learning to use words to express how you’re feeling.

The artist opens up about her own self-confidence journey and the obstacles she had to overcome. She shares that being in the music industry for over a decade has brought judgment, opinions, and scrutiny, which affected her self-image. However, she has learned to love and accept herself, acknowledging that the cracks and imperfections have shaped her.

Ora also discusses the influence of her mother, who is a psychiatrist, on her mental health journey. She admires her mother’s determination, strength, and work ethic, which have been a source of inspiration for her. While her mother doesn’t provide professional advice directly, she refers Ora to the right therapists and approaches her with calmness and understanding.

When it comes to mental health stigma, Ora hopes to abolish anxiety and social anxiety. She shares her own experiences with panic attacks and offers coping mechanisms that have worked for her, such as using ice to snap herself out of a spiral and engaging her senses to shift her focus.

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Ora believes that it’s important to talk openly about mental health struggles and hopes that more people will join the conversation. She encourages others to support each other and reminds everyone that they have survived their previous struggles, even when it feels impossible in the moment.

Overall, Ora’s new album, ‘You & I,’ is a reflection of her personal journey and growth. Through her music, she aims to connect with her fans and inspire them to love and accept themselves.

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