River elects president and the future of Marcelo Gallardo begins to be defined

The members of River will elect a new president of the institution this Saturday, December 4 at the Monumental Stadium. The candidates are Jorge Brito, current vice president, and opponents Antonio Caselli, Carlos Trillo and Luis Belli.

About 43 thousand members will be able to vote, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and define a new board of directors and other government bodies that will succeed the current leadership of Rodolfo D’Onofrio.

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The ruling party will seek to maintain a management that began in 2013, in which they managed to seven national and seven international titles that place it as the most winning cycle in history with Marcelo Gallardo as DT.

Marcelo Gallardo and the doubts of his continuity in the middle of the elections

The election, as it happened four years ago, will have the footballing issue out of the question because the successful period of the Doll unified the criteria of all candidates, who, as in the previous election, supported DT.

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The difference, this time, is that they all handle the same uncertainty about River’s future coach, who did not say if he will stay at the club in the month his contract expires.

The ruling party wants to continue in River

The formula of the ruling party, which wants to continue with the project that began eight years ago, has Jorge Brito as a candidate for President along with Matías Patanian (exvice of the first management) and Ignacio Villarroel, current general secretary of the club.

The list of members is made up of Clara D’Onofrio, daughter of the current head of the club and President of the River Foundation; Stéfano Di Carlo, current vice 2 and who would be the general secretary; Andrés Ballota, who returns to the treasury; Juan Ignacio Albistur and Ignacio Amui.

Antonio Caselli: the fourth is the charm?

Antonio Caselli, candidate for President of the last three club elections, appears accompanied by the former player David Trezeguet and by a well-known surname of national politics: Nicolás Rodríguez Saa.

Caselli, who also heads the list of regular members with the intention of entering that government body, is next to Ricardo Moratto, Ricardo Liceaga Viñas, Pablo Valles and Anselmo Russo in that section of the ballot.

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