River received a special visit in Orlando: Gonzalo Higuaín chatted with Gallardo and even posed with the 9

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Gonzalo Higuain gave a nice surprise to the delegation of River who is in preseason in Orlando. The current Inter Miami forward came to the sports center to greet the entire squad, chatted with Marcelo gallardo and even posed with the number 9 shirt.

El Pipa is playing in Major League Soccer for the Miami franchise and he did 400 kilometers to spend time with El Muñeco, with whom he was a teammate. before going to play for Real Madrid.

“Gonzalo Higuaín, one of the jewels of the River Plate Lower Divisions and who currently works in the MLS, He was visiting the complex in which River carries out the preseason work. The player, who is also one of the River Philosophy ambassadors abroad, took the opportunity to chat with D’Onofrio, Francescoli, Gallardo and the players. In addition, Adrián Varela (President of International Relations) gave him the new sacred mantle with his name and the 9 on the back ”, River communicated through its website.

Higuaín is clear that the end of his career will be in the United States and he will not put the red band on his chest again as was speculated during a time when he decided to end his long stint in European football that included Real Madrid, Napoli, Juventus and Chelsea.

According to the information that emerged when he signed a contract until 2022 with Inter Miami, the former striker of the Argentine national team is the best payment in MLS with an annual income of 7.5 million dollars.

This year, Pipa has scored 5 goals in 8 games for a team that is in the bottom of the Eastern Conference.

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Today the Professional League is raffled

The Professional Soccer League will draw on Tuesday At 17 the new championship that will begin to be played next Friday July 16 and what will end the December 12th after 25 dates to a format of all against all, where the champion will be the one with the most points.

The event will participate Marcelo Tinelli, President of the League, while the rest of the club leaders will do so by videoconference. The tournament in which 26 teams will participate will start the weekend following the Copa América and will last for five months. The winner will face Colón de Santa Fe on December 17 for the Champions Cup.

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