Riverdale: season 5 will take a long time to reach Netflix

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It makes you wait! Riverdale premiered its fourth season on Netflix in October 2020 and eight months later there are still no official confirmations on the arrival of the fifth. Secondly, Warner Channel released the new episodes in January and then went on hiatus. When do they hit the streaming platform?

Anxiety grips the fans after the leaks about the new chapters that marked a huge change in the series because there was a temporary jump in history. The brand-new releases arrived at the beginning of the year, but they were also delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Both the second, third and fourth seasons debuted in October, but the health crisis forced the entire project to be displaced and it was only in January that they were available. The contingency also led the producers to divide the delivery into two parts: the first 10 episodes aired until March 31 and they are just scheduled to return on August 11.

This situation directly impacts Riverdale’s international broadcast. Although in the United States, the premieres are available the next day, the rest of the world has to wait because at the moment it has four seasons. It must first end on Warner Channel and then be broadcast to the platform.

When does the fifth season of Riverdale premiere on Netlflix?

In this way, season 5 is delayed with its arrival on Netflix. According to the Whats on Netflix portal, New episodes of Riverdale are slated for September or October 2021. If the dates are confirmed, a year will have passed between the last episode of season 4 and the arrival of season 5.

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