“Robert De Niro Gets Back to His Roots in Hilarious Italian Comedy ‘My Dad is a Danger'”

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My Dad is a Danger: A Comedy Gem with a Personal Touch

Get ready to laugh out loud, as My Dad is a Danger hits the theaters this Thursday. Directed by Laura Terruso, this eccentric comedy film features Sebastian Maniscalco, Robert De Niro, Leslie Bibbs, David Rasche, and Kim Cattrall in lead roles. The screenplay has been penned by Maniscalco himself, along with Austin Earl.

Sebastian Maniscalco: From Stand-Up to Actor

Sebastian Maniscalco has gathered fame in the comedy circuit, thanks to his hilarious stand-up specials that are available on Netflix. However, Maniscalco’s acting prowess has been largely unnoticed until his role in Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman.

The comedian-actor has now taken a step forward with My Dad is a Danger, which is not just a comedy gem but also carries a personal touch. This fable is inspired by Maniscalco’s relationship with his father, which was both endearing and complicated at the same time.

The Fable with Humor, Stereotyped Characters, and Unavoidable Vulgarity

My Dad is a Danger narrates the story of Salvo, Maniscalco’s father, and his brief ritual with his son that includes spraying cologne. The film mostly takes place during a weekend on the 4th of July holiday when Maniscalco meets his fiancé’s wealthy family, accompanied by his father, Salvo.

The movie portrays the life of immigrants in America, the relationship between parents and children, and the persistence (or change) of certain customs across generations. Although there are some stereotyped characters and habits in the film, a couple of scenes of avoidable vulgarity stick out like a sore thumb. But then, Maniscalco shows himself as a lucid observer of small details that define the characters with great precision.

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An Excellent Cast and a Well-Executed Film

Robert De Niro plays the role of Salvo and delivers an excellent performance as Maniscalco’s father. Leslie Bibb, David Rasche, and Kim Cattrall also add to the comedic charm of the film. Kim Cattrall shows off her mature beauty and proves once again that she is a great comedian.

My Dad is a Danger has a runtime of 91 minutes and is being distributed by BF Paris. The movie is suitable for all audiences and carries our recommendation as an amusing watch, despite some ups and downs.

In conclusion, My Dad is a Danger is a well-executed film that explores the depths of personal relationships with humor and wit. Catch this comedy gem on the big screen and experience the laughter for yourselves.

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