Robert Downey Jr. appeared in a version of the Black Widow script

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Perhaps it was for the better that no Avenger participated in the movie of Black Widow. In this way, the story could focus on Natasha and her family. But this was not the case during the development of the project. Sometime during 2019, months after Tony Stark will sacrifice his life in Endgame, Robert Downey Jr. was going to have a brief cameo in the movie Black Widow.

Finally this did not happen and the one who explained the situation was the writer of the tape, Eric Pearson, in an interview with Apparently the inclusion of the leader of the Avengers it happened before the screenwriter took over the book of the film. What would Stark’s participation in the movie have been like? Scarlett Johansson?

¿Robert Downey Jr. en Black Widow?

The reality is that the cameo was not going to require the presence of Robert Downey Jr. to film new scenes. In this case it was the recycling of a sequence of Captain America: Civil War in which Stark berates Natasha for helping Steve Rogers in the confrontation that the Avengers had in Germany.

The goal of this scene, according to Pearson, was to place Natasha in her place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, something that the writer did not think necessary. The audiences know well where each character in the franchise is located and they knew the fugitive status of Black Widow.

Pearson shared his reaction when he heard the rumor that Robert Downey Jr. would be in the film: “I remember when those versions came out. I was in London, in our War Room. I looked around and wondered where we are supposed to be. I have the script here and Tony Stark it does not appear in it. Maybe someone saw an older version with that scene that wasn’t new material either. I don’t know where it came from. “

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