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Robert Pattinson’s Batman’s meager budget

The Batman gained a strong push and a lot of interest from the hero’s followers thanks to the trailer he presented in the second edition of DC FanDome. In this context, the images that account for a dark and violent film were presented. You can see the Riddle and to Penguin in action. Also Bat Man beating criminals mercilessly. Everything indicates that it is a film that will fascinate the fandom and captivate casual audiences.

However, it should be noted that the film directed by Matt Reeves has a budget of about 100 million dollars. Little money for a film that intends to generate sequels and install its own universe of characters far from what is happening with it. DC Extended Universe. It remains to be seen how the filmmaker in charge of the action exploited the resources.

The Batman budget

To get an idea of ​​how much the studios are investing in their superhero movies you have to go to the hard info. Batman Begins had 150 million dollars, The Dark Knight 185 and The Dark Knight Rises 250 million of the green coin. The visual spectacle of Batman v Superman it came out to Warner 263 million dollars.

Why did this new entry in the Gothic Bat mythology have such a meager budget? Perhaps the producer chose to be cautious in the face of the questions that there were regarding the protagonist of the film, Robert pattinson, who does not have a high salary if we compare him with other interpreters who gave life to Bruce Wayne. The Batman It wowed through its trailers and it seems that the $ 100 million was well spent.

Maybe Matt Reeves chose a path with less visual effects and green screen adding many practical effects and work with stuntmen. Perhaps the filmmaker chose to tell a more personal story that resonates with audiences with unexpected impacts that would make another director tremble. Whatever, The Batman he intends to be the kickoff of his own saga and he wants to achieve it with 100 million dollars.

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