Roberto Palazuelos Responds to Andrés García’s Posthumous Plea to Respect His Widow in Emotional Video

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Roberto Palazuelos: Margarita Portillo Has No Legal Personality

Roberto Palazuelos recently broke his silence regarding the posthumous video of Andrés García where he demands that Roberto does not disturb his family. The video was posted on May 17 by Margarita Portillo on the actor’s social networks following Roberto’s intentions to challenge the will of Pedro Navaja’s protagonist who passed away on April 4. During an interview on the Venga la Alegría program, Roberto responded to the content of the video and sent a forceful message to Portillo.

Roberto revealed some interesting facts about the legal personality of the people involved in the will dispute. He asserted that Margarita Portillo has no legal personality because she is not Andrés Garcia’s legitimate wife, she is a bigamist. According to Roberto, there is no registered divorce in their marriage certificate, which means that Andrés never got divorced from Sandra Vale de García, his legitimate wife. Furthermore, when Andrés married Sandra Vale de García he did so by conjugal partnership, but when he married Margarita Portillo, he married by separation of property, 25 years later. Therefore, Sandra is the legitimate owner of all of half of Andrés Garcia’s acquisitions.

Roberto warned that Sandra Vale de Garcia will not stand idly by and will fight for what belongs to her. He stated that Sandra wants to sue Margarita, and her children want to sue her, because Margarita took Andrés into the dark, manipulated him, and kept everything of theirs.

In the interview, Roberto also recalled a conversation he had years ago with Andrés García about the decision he would make regarding the distribution of his assets. Andrés expressed that he didn’t feel mentally well, so he wanted to make the right decision while he still had a clear mind. Roberto explained that García’s will was super nice because he thought of all the people who were important to him and left Andresito, Leonardo, Sandra Vale in equal parts, and left her apartment where she lives.

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Finally, Roberto criticized the way in which García’s last procedure to transfer his heritage was carried out. He declared that when they made Andrés sign the will, he was taken away in an ambulance and drugged. Andrés was no longer well in his mental faculties when they made him sign, so Roberto could challenge the will.

The will dispute between the two women continues to be a topic of public interest. However, the legal processes will determine who is the legitimate owner of Andrés García’s assets.

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