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Robin Meade's Evolution Through the Years

Robin Meade’s Evolution Through the Years

Robin Meade had been working in television for several years when she received the opportunity of a lifetime. In 2005, her show “Morning Express with Robin Meade” premiered on HLN, with her as the host. She’d joined HLN a few years earlier, with her first day on air being 9/11, which she described as her most challenging day as a journalist. Despite that tough beginning, she stayed on with the company and became a beloved face in morning news, eventually earning her own show.

The morning show provided viewers a friendly place to start their days and get the news they needed. Meade covered a variety of topics such as entertainment, sports, finance, news, and the weather, along with her co-hosts Bob Van Dillen, Jennifer Westhoven, Melissa Knowles, and Andy Scholes.

The show ran for several years, with Meade always at the center, keeping it fun and approachable. “She’s so darn good,” CNN executive vice president, Ken Jautz, told AJC. “She’s a burst of energy every morning and she can connect with viewers like nobody else. Her longevity is a result of authenticity and hard work.” Even when the network restructured in 2018, they retained Meade in her morning slot due to the strong connection viewers had with her and the show.

Source: AJC