Robin Williams may have been replaced in Good Will Hunting by these actors

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It is impossible to think of Good Will Hunting and not remember Robin Williams. No one would imagine that another actor could have taken the place of Sean Maguire, a therapist who was able to break the barrier with which Will Hunting (Matt Damon) isolated himself from all professionals who tried to understand why he was not exploiting his full potential. It is impossible to imagine the letter at the end of the 1997 film with a voiceover other than that of Williams.

Good Will Hunting, directed by Gus Van Sant, won two Oscars. One for the script they took it Ben Affleck and Damon, and another as Best Supporting Actor was Williams. In an interview with GQ, Damon talked about what it was like to write the role of the therapist, which he defined as “the paper of Harvey Keitel. This concept has to do with the history of Reservoir Dogs, the first film of Quentin Tarantino, which got financing once Keitel accepted the role of Mr. White.

“We wrote that movie with Ben because we wanted the part as actors “, assured Damon. Thus, he explained that they were looking for an actor who would make it easier for them to get the money they needed to make a feature film that they wanted to star in. “We knew we were worth nothing, we were not going to get anything. We write it very open “, said the actor who gave life to the protagonist of the story. Thus, he detailed in which actors he thought could have taken the role of the therapist.

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The actors who could be in Good Will Hunting

“They are from the same neighborhood”, assured Damon upon Will Hunting and the therapist who treated him. Thus, he said that in case they had hired an actor like Morgan Freeman O Denzel Washington they would have messed with racial issues. “We could make the character out of Roxbury, and explore the racial tension in Boston.”, asserted the artist.

On the other hand, if instead of Robin Williams they got an actress to act as a therapist, the dynamics would have been changed. “Instead of a relationship between father and son, it would be between mother and son”, assured Damon in the interview, where he mentioned Meryl Streep as an example. “We left it really open, because we wanted it to be as open an audition as possible because we wanted to make the movie.”, he sentenced.

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