Roblox is back online: why did the game servers go down?

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[Actualización] Roblox is back online; the study has issued a statement explaining what happened.

Roblox has returned to normal at midnight from Sunday to Monday, November 1. The development team of the platform has issued a statement shortly after to explain not only what happened, but the reason for this blackout that has kept the title servers inactive since last October 28. It was not an external attack.

A central system of our infrastructure was overloaded, caused by a subtle error in the communications of our service backend while I was under a heavy load, ”explains David Baszucki, founder and CEO of Roblox. “It was not due to any external traffic spike or any particular experience. Rather the failure was caused by the increasing number of servers in our data centers“, He added, and sentence:” The result was that the majority of Roblox services could not communicate and deploy effectively, “resulting in the inability of the servers to remain connected.”

Identify that bug and appeasing it has taken several days, but once they got to the root of the matter “we have been able to solve the problem by tuning the performance, reconfiguring it and reducing certain loads. This afternoon we were able to fully restore service ”, emphasizes Baszucki. They will explain their analysis in more detail shortly.

Roblox is back to normal.

Original news

The popular video game platform Roblox carries drop since the early hours of last Friday. Throughout the weekend, the game’s servers have been inactive, thus preventing access to the millions of users who log in each week. “We are doing the coolest things. We will be back soon”, You can read on its web portal.

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The game’s official Twitter account has been the main means of communication with its users, who they claim to be working on an early solution to restore normality to the servers. “We know that you are having problems using Roblox at the moment,” they indicated in their first communication regarding the disruption on October 29 at 17:19 (CEST).

Roblox has not fallen from an attack, but from an internal cause

At first it was thought that the reason for the fall of Roblox could be due to a promotion with Chipotle, a fast food chain of the game itself. Hours before the platform experienced this problem, they had begun to distribute free burritos in that restaurant, but it was not.

Already on Saturday, a new message indicated that they continued working on this server crash, they repeated their apologies and clarified that it was not an external attack: “We know that this outage has not been related to any specific experience or partnership on the platform.”

Hours later, around midnight on Saturday, October 30, they confirmed through that same social network that the Roblox server crash was due to an “internal underlying cause” and that they were developing “the engineering and maintenance work necessary to restore as soon as possible.” The official game status page It offers the current status of the blackout at all times.

Born in 2006, Roblox has established itself as one of the most popular virtual interactive experience platforms in the video game sector; especially in the younger audience. A meeting point with more than 40 million daily players where worlds are created and an economy of resource management develops. The title is available on a computer.

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