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Roc Nation Co-Presidents Mark 5th Year with New Artists and Mixtape Release

Roc Nation Co-Presidents Mark 5th Year with New Artists and Mixtape Release

Roc Nation co-presidents Shari Bryant and Omar Grant are marking their fifth anniversary at the helm of the entertainment empire with remarkable achievements in artist development.

Since taking on their roles in 2019, Bryant and Grant have overseen significant growth in Roc Nation’s roster, which has translated into notable career advancements for the label’s artists. Their leadership, rooted in extensive industry experience, has turned emerging talents into major stars.

Bryant, who previously served as the GM/Partner of Alamo Records, and Grant, a former tour manager for the likes of Destiny’s Child and Beyoncé, have both brought a wealth of knowledge to Roc Nation. They have been instrumental in nurturing new artists, helping them build their followings and amplify their cultural impact.

For instance, Maeta saw a staggering increase in her global streams from 860K in 2019 to 60 million in 2023—a 70-fold growth. Ambre experienced a 17-fold rise in streams, reaching 50 million globally. Similarly, Kalan.FrFr has seen his social media presence grow by an astounding 840% since Bryant and Grant took over.

“I’m confident when I say I truly believe we’ve created some next-generation superstars in the short time we’ve been in this role,” Bryant shared.

Bryant also noted the internal growth within Roc Nation, highlighting the expansion of the team of marketers, A&R reps, and managers who support the artists. This collaborative environment has been crucial in bringing innovative ideas to life and driving talent forward.

Under Bryant and Grant’s guidance, Roc Nation has formed partnerships with streetwear icons like PUMA for Hip Hop 50, challenged NYC’s rap scene conventions, and leveraged the influence of legendary artists such as Jadakiss, DJ Guru, and Jay-Z.

For Bryant, her role at Roc Nation is a full-circle moment. She started her career as an intern at Roc-A-Fella Records at just 16 years old. Over the past two decades, she climbed the industry ladder, with stints at Def Jam Recordings, Warner Bros, and Atlantic Records, eventually becoming the GM/Partner at Alamo Records.

Now, as Roc Nation’s co-president, she oversees marketing efforts, aiming to enhance artist visibility and create comprehensive strategies that encompass sports, fashion, and music. Her previous challenges have prepared her for the tough decisions her role requires.

“I think there’s always certain challenges women, especially Black women, face in the entertainment industry. I’ve worked hard to get here,” Bryant remarked. “There’s an old saying we must work twice as hard to get half the credit. That work sometimes meant fighting to get your voice heard, your ideas considered, taken as seriously as some of your peers.”

Bryant’s experiences have helped her develop confidence and certainty in her decision-making. She emphasized that, at Roc Nation, listening to intuition is crucial as there’s no single formula for success in the industry.

Both Bryant and Grant are committed to fostering new talent and staying true to each artist’s unique essence, rather than succumbing to fleeting trends.

“We don’t chase trends. If one kind of sound is popping off on the West Coast, or we see another saturating the East, we don’t necessarily feel the need to mold our artists into that,” Bryant stated.

She underlined that many artists under Roc Nation blend multiple genres, making it difficult to categorize their sound traditionally.

As they celebrate their fifth year, Bryant and Grant have an exciting lineup planned for the summer, including new artist signings, collaborative album releases, and innovative initiatives.

“We’re excited for a lot coming down the pipeline at the label,” Bryant teased. “We saw a lot of success doing a compilation project last year and the rapport and inspiration it built among our artists. So we’re eager to see what another iteration of that looks like this year.”

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