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Rochelle Humes Chose This Chic Yet Impractical Shoe Trend at Wimbledon

Rochelle Humes Chose This Chic Yet Impractical Shoe Trend at Wimbledon

Among the world-class tennis matches and pints of Pimms, the annual Wimbledon tournament is also acclaimed for the incredibly well-dressed crowd it attracts. Despite the absence of an official dress code for guests, attendees generally adhere to “smart casual” attire, often incorporating the season’s favorite trends.

Rochelle Humes made a striking appearance at yesterday’s Championship tournament, fitting right in with the celebrity-filled center court. She donned an elegant outfit that gave the illusion of a two-piece ensemble. The sophisticated dress, a structured design from the London brand Self-Portrait, exemplified her polished aesthetic.

While many style enthusiasts at Wimbledon opt for classic Mary Janes or trending ballet flats, Humes took a different route by choosing a shoe trend that has been making waves this season. For her day out, she picked summer-ready flip flops but left behind the flat ones in favor of a heeled version. Given that a trip to Wimbledon involves lots of walking and often navigating grassy areas, flat flip flops might seem a more practical choice. However, Humes’ heeled flip flops added a nostalgic ’90s touch to her outfit, blending practicality with chic style.

Her dress was a pretty black and white, mid-length design featuring structured shoulders and a neat belt fastening. Humes completed her look with accessories, including a black top-handle bag from Aspinal and a sleek pair of oval sunglasses, making her outfit a perfect example of elegant Wimbledon style.

Alongside her stylish outfit, the heeled flip flops selected by Humes have caught the attention of many fashion enthusiasts. Her ensemble, rooted in classic style elements, effortlessly merged contemporary trends with a touch of nostalgia, setting a new standard for what to wear to summer events like Wimbledon.

As Humes showcased, fashion at Wimbledon isn’t just about looking good but also about combining style with comfort to meet the demands of the day’s activities. Her choice of a heeled flip flop came as a refreshing twist, proving that practical choices can still be fashion-forward.

Source: Backgrid, @rochellehumes