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Rocío Carrasco and Sofía Suescun’s Unbelievable Encounter: A Fun Barbecue Fiesta with an Unexpected Surprise Gift!

Shocked and speechless.

This is how Sofía Suescun has left her followers with her latest publications. And is not for less. The influencer has shared on her public profile some images of what she has done this weekend.

In one of them the person with whom she has met this Saturday has appeared.

And, surprise!

The guest of honor has been Rocío Carrasco, or as she affectionately calls Sofía, “my Ro”.

An extremely unexpected meeting that took place in the house that the Navarrese woman shares with her boyfriend, Kiko Jiménez, in a luxurious urbanization in Valdemorillo, in Madrid.

Barbacoa Sofía Suescun

The effusive reunion of Sofía Suescun and Kiko Jiménez after several weeks apart, with surprise! included!

The two have taken the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing day and catch up.

It has been the daughter of Maite Galdeano who has made the followers of the plan that she had organized for Rocío Carrasco participate, with a barbecue included!

“Today we have a visit at home so the best thing”, wrote Sofía Suescun in one of her stories, with a photo of the grill lit and full of ribeye, longanizas, chorizo ​​and grilled sausages.

In addition to tasting these delicacies, Rocío Jurado’s daughter has also been able to take a refreshing dip in the couple’s pool.

In the snapshot published by the winner of Big Brother 16 and Survivors, the two appear very smiling and accomplices with each other.

Carrasco and Suescun Kiko Jimenez puts his villa up for sale for one million euros

Although there has not only been a pool and barbecue, but also a surprise gift from Sofía for Rocío.

And it is that, apparently, the ex-television companies have hinted that they exchange or give each other clothes:

“My Ro wanted Shein’s leggings boots, and since you sold them out in one day, I saved mine for her. She was happy with her boots jiji” Kiko Jiménez’s girlfriend wrote on her public profile next to this image.

In it, the footwear that she has given him also appears: fuchsia pink boots with a very high stiletto heel.

Curiously, the same tone with which Rocío Carrasco herself identifies the most since the first part of her documentary Rocío came to light, tell the truth to stay alive.

Sofía Suescun and Kiko JiménezRocío CarrascoSofía Suescun reveals that her mother, Maite Galdeano, has cancerThe relationship between Sofía Suescun and Rocío Carrasco

This is the first time that Sofía Suescun and Rocío Carrasco have posed together and in such a complicit way.

In fact, many were unaware that both have a good friendship.

It is true that the daughter of Maite Galdeano has always defended Fidel Albiac’s wife on the Telecinco sets.

In turn, he has also made harsh statements about Gloria Camila and Rocío Flores, with whom he does not maintain any kind of friendship, quite the contrary.

In fact, the origin of the enmity between Sofía Suescun and Gloria Camila comes from the breakup of the latter with Kiko Jiménez -with whom he shared four years of his life-.

Shortly after, he began a relationship with the influencer, with whom he has been since July 2019 and with whom he is more in love than ever.

Like Sofía, Kiko is also a staunch defender of Rocío Carrasco.

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