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“Rocío Flores Cherishes a Remarkable San Juan Night with Beloved Ones”

Rocío Flores Enjoys Magical Night of San Juan with Loved Ones

Rocío Flores had a memorable night celebrating the bonfires of San Juan with her father, brother, and boyfriend. The daughter of Antonio David Flores embraced her family traditions and enjoyed the festivities in Malaga.

Life for Rocío Flores Beyond Television

Away from the television, Rocío Flores is focused on a new professional project. Despite fame, she values her personal life and cherishes moments like the bonfires of San Juan.

A Family Affair for Rocío Flores on the Beach

Rocío Flores shared unforgettable moments with her followers, posting photos of her family on the beach. She expressed her love for her father and brother in a heartwarming picture. She also captured a beautiful moment with her boyfriend, Manuel Bedmar, outside her parents’ house.

Rocío Flores Celebrates San Juan with Antonio David

Rocío Flores documented the San Juan celebrations with videos and photos. From her father’s home with breathtaking views, she enjoyed the fireworks and even dipped her feet in the sea. The family embraced tradition by writing wishes and burning them at the beach.

Rocío Flores Supports Her Father, Antonio David

Rocío Flores has been a pillar of support for her father, especially after his breakup with Marta Riesco. Antonio David’s life has drastically changed, and Rocío continues to stand by him amidst the challenges. Despite the difficulties, Antonio David has attempted to reconcile with Riesco without success.

Antonio David and Rocío Flores: A Strong Father-Daughter Bond

Rocío Flores has been a refuge for her father since his breakup. Their strong bond is evident, and Rocío has expressed her gratitude for his unwavering support. Their love for each other remains unshaken, even in the face of adversity.

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