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Rock Stars Criticizing Fellow Musicians

This week’s Loud List brings you a video compilation of rockers trash-talking other artists. While rock and metal might not have the level of drama seen in the rap and hip-hop scenes, they certainly have their moments. Whether driven by a rivalry or simply a lack of respect, there’s plenty of footage showcasing rock and metal artists taking shots at one another.

In the compilation, you’ll witness Dave Mustaine discussing what he believed set Megadeth apart from Metallica back in the ’80s. Members of Muse poke fun at Slipknot, and a heated exchange between Marky Ramone and Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols during a live event unfolds. These moments offer a glimpse into the tensions and rivalries that have punctuated the rock and metal world.

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl makes two appearances in the video — once when he took a jab at Taylor Swift onstage, and again when Courtney Love launched into a rant about him on a radio show. During her tirade, she dedicated a “song” to him and brought up her late husband, Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain.

While some of these artists may have resolved their differences since these incidents, the video serves as pure entertainment. It’s a bit like reality TV — a guilty pleasure that captures our attention.

Watch the compilation and enjoy the drama for yourself below.

Rockers Trash Talking Other Artists

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Source: Loudwire