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Rock Stars Who Achieved the American Dream and Gained US Citizenship

Rock Stars Who Achieved the American Dream and Gained US Citizenship

There are multiple pathways to becoming an American citizen. The most straightforward method is being born in the United States, but another path involves a significant amount of paperwork and effort.

For those born outside the U.S., becoming a naturalized citizen is a lengthy process. The journey includes application processing, a citizenship interview and exam, and an oath of allegiance ceremony. Typically, it takes about 18-24 months to complete, but this timeline can extend based on an individual’s personal background.

In this article, we explore the stories of 16 foreign-born rock stars who transitioned to becoming U.S. citizens. These musicians underwent the comprehensive process to achieve their American citizenship. Some of them, like Alex and Eddie Van Halen, came to the U.S. as small children with their families and were raised as American kids. Others, like Peter Frampton and Billy Idol, moved to the U.S. later in life. They eventually decided that having lived in the country for an extended period, they deserved the right to participate in American elections, a privilege granted by citizenship.

Peter Frampton, who became motivated to pursue citizenship after the events of 9/11, shared his experience with Parade in 2011. “I have lived virtually as an American since 1975. I had a green card, and I’ve paid taxes. I was starting to become a little more politically aware, and I meant to do it earlier. But when 9/11 happened, I called my lawyer and said, ‘Let’s do it. I need to vote.’ I felt very patriotic that day.”

These musicians, who were born in various parts of the world, put in the effort to secure American citizenship for different reasons. Their stories are testament to the diverse pathways and motivations that lead individuals to pursue the American dream.