Rocket League Sideswipe kicks off its crazy games on mobiles: now available on iOS and Android

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Rocket League Sideswipe, the new mobile version of the popular Rocket League video game franchise, is now available on mobile iOS and Android. So much so, that you can now download the title completely free of charge through App Store and Google Play. So they have confirmed its creators of Psyonix, announcing the availability of the title through its official channels.

A new Rocket League breaks into mobile

Thus, Rocket League Sideswipe was announced at the beginning of this year 2021 as a new free to play based on the popular desktop video game that also made the leap to free to play at the end of last year. Although in this case, instead of continuing to bet on fully three-dimensional matches, we have opted for a 2D gameplay by teams of up to 2 players each, with the same objective of scoring goals in the opposing goal through the most unlikely cars.

The parties, of barely couple of minutes, they offer online modalities in real time of 1 against 1 and 2 against 2, as well as solo matches. At the moment, they offer preseason content before the imminent arrival of the first season, scheduled for the end of the year, including its own Rocket Pass with exclusive items. As a curiosity, Rocket League and Rocket League Sideswipe will present a certain degree of connection with the possibility of achieving extra experience when leveling up; its creators send us to the future to learn more about this type of cross progression.

“From the creators of Rocket League comes a new version of soccer with cars for mobile devices. Get into the game with an intuitive control system. It’s just about getting the ball into the opponent’s goal, but be careful: the opposing team will try to do the same. Use the accelerator to go faster or to get up with a big jump and perform some amazing maneuver that will leave your rival with his mouth open ”, we can read in his official description.

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