Rodrigo Cuba is caught trying to sell the gold bracelet that Melissa Paredes gave him

Rodrigo Cuba was captured by the cameras of “Magaly TV: La Firme” inside a jewelry store located on La Paz avenue, in Miraflores. The footballer would have come to this place to, apparently, try to sell a bracelet that his ex-partner Melissa Paredes gave him.

According to Magaly Medina, the “Cat” Cuba valued the jewel that the actress gave him in 2016, in which the name of the protagonist of the telenovela “Ojitos Hechiceros” is engraved.

In this regard, the popular ‘Urraca’ launched a harsh criticism against the footballer for trying to get rid of this golden slave, as he considered that he could keep it, throw it away or give it to someone else.

I find it ridiculous of the ‘Cat’ to go to the jewelry store to try to sell a bracelet. Not that it was a bracelet with diamonds, sapphires and emeralds, it is a gold bracelet that does not seem to even weigh enough“Said the show host.

After describing the new Sport Boys player as pathetic, Magaly Medina considered that said behavior is due to the fact that he is still hurt by the way his relationship with Melissa Paredes ended.

How ridiculous it seems to me, in a man or a woman, to part with something in that way. It is good that you are hot, that you are hurt, that you are hurt in your self-love, (…) it seems pathetic to me “, he sentenced.

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