Rodrigo Cuba would have changed the veneer of his apartment where he lived with Melissa Paredes | VIDEO – MAG.

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The show program ‘Magaly TV, La Firma’ presented images where the soccer player Rodrigo Cuba goes to look for a locksmith to, apparently, change the plates of his apartment where he lived with his still wife Melissa Paredes, after the latter decided Thursday leaving the marital home.

He (Rodrigo) was looking, accompanied by his father, for a locksmith and took him to the address where he lived with Melissa Paredes. I do not know if she left a locked drawer that they want to open or change the layers of the entire department that apparently would belong to Rodrigo or his family for which she had to leave, the situation would have become untenable”, Magaly Medina explained while presenting the images.

The legal situation of Melissa Paredes after the ampay with the dancer Anthony is complicated because the footballer has reported her to a police station for abandoning her home and for taking her daughter without her consent.

Magaly Medina also presented the images of Rodrigo Cuba arriving at the house where Melissa Paredes is staying with her daughter after retiring from the conjugal home. The reporter of the program ‘Magaly TV, La Firma’ approached the footballer, but he did not want to comment.

At 8 o’clock at night, Gato Cuba left the new address where Melissa Paredes has now gone to live with her daughter … I hope they have talked so that this divorce goes well because I think they both love their daughter … He seems like a good dad and it must have shocked him that his daughter is no longer at home … He has gone (to see his daughter), he stayed for several hours and went home to changed the badge like someone who says’ Melissa you can’t come in here anymore‘”The journalist reported.

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