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Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter to Patricio Parodi after threat of lawsuit: “Even your followers must make fun of you” | VIDEO – The Trade

After Patricio Parodi publicly stated that he would sue “Amor y Fuego” for broadcasting images of his birthday party he organized at his home, the hosts of the Willax program did not hesitate to respond.

Miter’s Teeth He pointed out that the reality boy would be diverting the subject so that people stop linking him with Luciana Fuster.

“The Duck is playing the goose because he knows perfectly that he is diverting the subject of Luciana Fustes, he knows that 20 thousand times, in different television programs, it has been possible to record from the street to the interior of a house that faces the open air. We are on the street”, Gigi expressed.

“Don’t lay the responsibility on us. You are the morbid one, you lend yourself to the morbid, you pin someone who tells you you have to, you go to public places, you make everything public. Your life is a show and we are the messengers here ”, He limited the popular ‘Peluchín’.

Rodrigo’s partner generated laughter on set when he began to imitate the way the reality boy spoke.

“I’m going to pass the word to the company’s lawyer to sue ‘Peluchín’ I’m going to play Dota”, he said in a mocking tone.

“Hey, how about … Even your own fans should make fun of you”, The host of “Amor y Fuego” already stated in a serious tone, adding: “No wonder Flavia is bored with you.”

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