Rodrigo González criticizes Magaly Medina, Rosángela Espinoza finishes university and more celebrity news

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This July 14 the news has not been the best for friends. Rodrigo gonzalez lashed out at Magaly medina, who was her great friend, for an alleged phrase that the host gave against “Love and Fire.”

“The word ampay, which became known, linked to this program, is sometimes used for any nonsense”, The presenter pointed out, a phrase that González did not seem to like.

“It is always like that when someone has a scoop, information or uncover. When it is not its content, it rants, hints, burns, minimizes, itches “commented the driver of Willax TV and Facebook.

The participant of “This is war” He is going through a good time and told his followers that he has already finished his university career, which began in 2016.

“I am going to specialize in digital marketing, I am going to enter a course that begins in August, nothing is missing. I am happy because I have finished university. It is an achievement for me, a dream come true ”, affirmed before the cameras of “America Shows”.

Paula Manzanal visited the set of “América Hoy” and spoke of the alleged ampay of “Love and Fire” where they linked her with Jefferson Farfán and André carrillo, for a supposed lunch with Macarena Gastaldo y Jossmery Toledo.

“I want to emphasize that I do not know Carrillo or Farfán, they are not my friends, I have never crossed paths with them in my life, and if I cross them I am their fan, obviously I watch football. This Sunday what we did was meet in the same place, but each one on their own, that’s not why I’m going to leave “, sentenced the participant of “Queens of the Show.”

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