Rodrigo González exploits against Samahara Lobatón for calling him “old”: “Little girl out of place”

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Rodrigo gonzalez he used a few minutes of his Willax TV space to refer to Samahara Lobatón, who a few days ago called the conductors of “Amor y Fuego” as “old”.

The Samahara, the mature ‘Rodrigo and Gigi, you know what, they are already very old now’ … Look Samahara, to begin with, I am going to tell you one thing very clearly, insolent brat: Old is the sea and it flips ships “, Rodrigo González commented.

Gigi Miter’s partner clarified to Melissa Klug’s daughter that his criticism of her would not be about her immaturity or youth, but about her actions.

“But, here it is not about your old age, your youth, your childhood or your incipient puberty that you have just left, but because of what you have shown when you end up in a police station … So Yasury Jamile, lock up the gilett, little girl misplaced”Added González in a mocking tone.

On the other hand, Rodrigo González suggested to Youna, a couple from Samahara, to be careful with the influencer.

“Sure, finally the one with … those violent reactions is your daughter, not Youna. He just wanted to cut his daughter’s hair. If you’re doing something there, Youna, erase all your records because your life is in danger “, he sentenced.

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