Rodrigo González on Mario Hart’s aggression: “I don’t justify it, but I understand his reaction”

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The conductor of Love and Fire, Rodrigo gonzalez, lamented the violent scene they starred in Mario Hart and Elijah Montalvo during the recent edition of “This is War”, and considered that there are shared responsibilities between the two reality boys.

“I will never justify an aggression, of any kind, wherever it comes from, but I will tell you one thing, if I am in a game, and someone does to me what Elías did to Mario, I put myself in his shoes, (…) I understand his reaction “, he pointed.

Although the driver made it clear that Mario Hart is a character who does not generate sympathy, he assured that he will not judge his reaction since, during the game, he would also have been attacked.

“That wasn’t a smack, it was a punch, so what did Mario do? He gave it back. (…) No person who is human would put up with it “He pointed out to later consider that both should be expelled from the program.

For her part, Gigi Miter recalled that this type of game, which consists of smacking her opponent in the face, It has already caused similar scenes like the one between Yahaira Plascencia and Rosángela Espinoza.

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