Roger Waters on Assange’s extradition trial: “Clearly a shoddy court”

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Roger Waters, activist and co-founder of the British rock band Pink Floyd, claimed that the extradition case of Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, could lead to a fatal blow to the free press all over the world.

“I am very concerned because it is clearly a trashy court“Waters stated regarding the Assange extradition trial in a interview with MRT published this Friday. The musician believes that the case “has nothing to do with justice or with the arguments provided.”

“The future of all of us, and of all our children and grandchildren, depends on this court case. If they destroy the fourth estate —What are they trying to do by destroying Assange— they will destroy the world“Waters noted.

Also, the activist commented on the January decision of the British Justice not to extradite the Australian programmer and described it as “stingy”. Waters indicated that the judge should have dismissed the case and not having left any possibility of appeal for EE.UU.

However, the musician stressed that if the court decides to extradite Assange, his defense team will have the opportunity to present their own appeal, and “to challenge all the absurd nonsense that has occurred up to this point.” The activist also urged all supporters of the WikiLeaks founder and the press to “keep making all the noise that they can “.

“We’re not going anywhere, and our voice is going to get louder until Julian Assange is released. I can promise you,” Waters summarized.

  • The US Justice accuses Assange for the publication of hundreds of thousands of pages of secret military documents and diplomatic cables on US activities in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which were disseminated by his WikiLeaks leak portal. The charges against him carry a maximum sentence of 175 years in prison.
  • In January, the British Justice refused to extradite the founder of WikiLeaks. Judge Vanessa Baraitser explained the rejection of the US request for fear that the activist could commit suicide, arguing that the extradition would be “oppressive” due to Assange’s mental health.
  • This Wednesday began the trial regarding the appeal filed by the United States Department of Justice on the extradition of the founder of WikiLeaks. Washington has assured the United Kingdom that if it extradites Julian Assange, he could serve your sentence in Australia, the country where you were born.

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