Romina Gachoy to Angie Jibaja for trying to prevent her children from traveling to Uruguay: “You should be ashamed of yourself”

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Romina gachoy ruled on the recent statements by Angie Jibaja, who pointed out that her ex-partner Jean Paul Santa María needs her authorization to take their children to Uruguay.

“Today we do not depend on what she says or does. We have to ensure the welfare and future of our children. If she doesn’t even support us in this … what a shame for her, but we have to move forward ”, the model told the Trome newspaper.

Jean Paul’s current partner pointed out that months ago they made Jibaja know about their plans to leave the country.

“Jean Paul does not need your permission. In addition, she (Jibaja) does not find out just about this (plans to take them to Uruguay), months ago we talked about the trip and she told us that we had her, but from time to time he changes his mind and we cannot depend on his instability ”, he pointed.

Regarding the debt that Jean Paul Santa María maintains with Angie for the maintenance lawsuit, Romina Gachoy argues that “She (Jibaja) lives talking about what Jean Paul owes her, but she never talks about all the money that he did give her and she doesn’t talk about the fact that she has not given her children a single sun for three years since she has been with him. U.S. You should be ashamed of yourself. “

Romina also emphasized that Angie Jibaja’s children are excited about the idea of ​​moving to Uruguay.

“Angie knows how her children die to go, she knows the illusion they have and she doesn’t care. Children are very excited about Uruguay because there is a lot of nature, beaches and giant parks everywhere. The classes are not virtual and they, like all children, love to feel that connection with nature and socialize with other children.. Uruguay is much better than Peru at the moment and I have my own house there (a big house with a huge lot). They already know her because we always make video calls with my family in Uruguay, they have seen the house and each one wants to have a different pet. All kinds of plans are made there and her mother knows it, but she thinks of herself ”, commented.

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Finally, the model assured that Angie Jibaja does have contact with her two children and they even saw each other in person days ago. “They always talk and he saw them a few days ago, but the boys arrived disappointed because he took a person with a camera and at one point he left. She left them alone in the park, she doesn’t want to do things right in any way ”, added.

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