Ron DeSantis Clarifies Kidnapping Accusations Against Migrants Who Wished to Travel to California

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Sacramento, California recently received two planes carrying migrants from Texas, raising questions about the motive behind the operation. Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, accused his Florida counterpart, Ron DeSantis, of being behind the operation.

Governor Newsom believes that DeSantis could face kidnapping charges due to the transfer of 36 migrants who arrived in California. Newsom made this clear in a tweet, citing state kidnapping laws and lambasting DeSantis as a “pathetic little man.”

DeSantis, however, responded by saying that the migrants wanted to go to California and flatly denying the accusation of kidnapping. The Division The Florida Emergency Management Department issued a statement in defense of the Governor, sharing videos and photographs of the migrants signing documents with which they, according to the state, gave their consent to travel to California.

“Through verbal and written consent, these volunteers indicated that they wanted to go to California. They were safely transported to a third-party NGO, Catholic Charities, which is used and funded by the federal government,” said Amelia Johnson, deputy director of communications for the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

It is worth noting that relocation of illegal US border crossers is nothing new. Even left-leaning mayors of El Paso, Texas and Denver, Colorado have engaged in such operations before. However, when Florida sends illegal immigrants to a sanctuary city, it suddenly becomes a false imprisonment and kidnapping.

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