Rosalía and Her Fans Call Kim ‘Motomami’ For Some of the Photos She Shares With Them

Kim Kardashian has done it again: turning her latest bikini photos into a viral affair. It happened just a few days ago, after the businesswoman published some images of her in her pool , and now history repeats itself. And no, don’t expect anything related to a Photoshop bug or anything like that. On this occasion, Kim has left everyone amazed by her curious outfit, which relates her to Rosalía’s latest album, ‘Motomami’.

The businesswoman has published a photo wearing a black leather bikini. Until then, all good. What has caught everyone’s attention the most is that she wears a motorcycle helmet on her head. A most curious combination that immediately gave rise to many jokes in the comments section, where everyone alludes to the name of the new album by the Catalan artist.

If you are a fan of Rosalía, you will know that the motorcycle helmet is one of the protagonists of the aesthetics of her new album, ‘Motomami’ (which, by the way, we already know when it will be released ) and even has its own filter on Instagram . A coincidence that Rosalía also seems to have found very funny. Obviously, she has already spoken about it in the comments section: “How beautiful a Motomami”.

Rosalía, who does not miss any opportunity to promote her new album (have you already called the phone number she has shared?), has also shared the photo in her ‘stories’. Let’s see, the truth is that this whole thing has its grace. At what point did it occur to Kim to dress in this curious outfit?

This is not the first time that Rosalía has been linked to the Kardashians, because at the time Kim shared an image of the singer in her “stories”. What’s more, there was a time when the Catalan was a close friend of the ‘klan’ and she even attended Stormi’s birthday as a guest. Surely they will not miss her new album for the world.

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