“Rosalía Challenges Miley Cyrus for the Throne While Eager for a Break”

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Rosalía Takes the Stage at Primavera Sound Madrid

Rosalía, the talented Spanish singer, closed the first edition of Primavera Sound Madrid with a show that lived up to the hype generated by her previous performances. At the festival created in Barcelona, Rosalía appeared before almost 50,000 people in Arganda del Rey, almost 30 kilometers from Madrid.

Rosalía’s Show: Designed to the Millimeter

Rosalía’s show is designed to the millimeter and the slightest “error” can steal a smile from the artist. However, Rosalía managed to keep the audience on their feet throughout the night with her unique combination of flamenco pop and urban music.

Competition with Herself: Rosalía vs. Rosalía

When Rosalía performs, people know exactly what song is coming next. That makes it hard for the artist to compete with herself and maintain the momentum she has worked so hard to build. Rosalía is, after all, an artist who conceives her works with a professional’s eye for detail.

Sevdaliza and Villano Antillano

However, Rosalía was not the only artist to take to the stage that night. Another standout performer was Sevdaliza, the Netherlands-based Iranian artist, who surprised the audience with her experimental and intimate side of dance. Villano Antillano, the trans artist, also wowed the crowd with their show and made a powerful statement about the need to fight against racism in society.

The Voidz and Calvin Harris

The Voidz and Calvin Harris also entertained the crowd with their unique styles of music. Additionally, Argentine empanadas emerged as one of the stars of the gastronomic offer of the festival.

What’s Next: Primavera Sound Buenos Aires

As the night came to a close and Calvin Harris left the area hot, the magic wheel of festivals continued. The next stop on the Primavera Sound tour is Buenos Aires.

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