Rosángela Espinoza happy after completing her university degree: Every effort has its reward | VIDEO

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Rosángela Espinoza, a member of the reality show “Esto es Guerra”, was excited and happy after telling that she finished her Marketing career, which began in 2016.

“You don’t know, a respite. You know that one has to continue specializing because it is always nice to keep learning, right? Every effort has its reward, time flies by ”, Espinoza told the cameras of “América Espectáculos”.

The model said she is proud after seeing one of her dreams come true. “I am going to specialize in digital marketing, I am going to enter a course that begins in August, nothing is missing. I am happy because I have finished university. It is an achievement for me, a dream come true ”, Espinoza added excitedly.

The television figure also spoke about how difficult it has been to study at university and work on television. “You don’t know everything I’ve been through, a little more and I’ve begged the teachers to let me into class, I’ve had to do other practices to take my exam. It has not been easy”, she said, notoriously excited.

“They have seen me studying in the studio, but that’s the way it is when you want, you get everything. I will always tell my followers that every effort has its reward, you have to keep going ”, added.

In addition, the model pointed out that at the moment she does not want to have a partner, since she is only focused on the competition of “This is War” and on her personal projects. “Not for now (having a partner). I am focused on my work, on This is War, on being one of the best competitors, on my store and working with my family ”.

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