Rose Dorothy Dauriac- Daughter of World Famous Actress Scarlett Johansson

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Rose Dorothy Dauriac, whom today’s article is dedicated to, is the child of the very popular actress Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett is not very active on her social media profiles, and does not post many pictures of roses. The only way fans get to see the pretty little rose is through random shots clicked by paparazzis. Besides, many times, Scarlett has talked about roses at talk shows and interviews. So who exactly is Rose Dorothy dauriac? Scroll to find out!

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• Rose Dorothy’s birth

• Rose’s parents announced an ‘ugly divorce’

• Rose Dorothy Dauriac acts like a royal princess

• Rose Dorothy Dauriac shares a beautiful bond with her step father

• Fans don’t have many glimpses of Rose Dorothy 

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Rose Dorothy’s Birth

Rose was born on 30th august, in the year 2014. She is currently nine years of age and is totally fond of her mother. Her mother is the world famous actress Scarlett . Her father, romain, is a journalist in the French language, and also a publicity agent. Scarlett and romain were for the first time photographed together in New York city in 2012, while they were on a romantic date. Some media publishers posted the picture with the headlines ‘whirlwind romance’.

The couple was secretly dating when Scarlett got pregnant with rose. Two months after giving birth, Scarlett and Romain married Elizabeth . The wedding was a small and secret ceremony. Rose’s parents had been dating each other for two years before they decided to tie the knot. The duo looked absolutely happy and their relationship caught zillions of eyeballs. Fans from around the globe hoped that they would have a long, successful and happy marriage.

Rose’s parents announced an ‘ugly divorce’

There were many instances where Scarlett publicly spoke about her husband, in many television talk shows and in interviews with the paps. She used to say that her husband is a real gentleman, and she loves his intellect the most among all other traits. 

However, to the surprise of the whole world, the couple decided to file a divorce and break the tie. This ‘ugly divorce’ was announced at a time when fans were least expecting it. The reason that the couple gave in justification was that their marriage was ‘irretrievably broken’ in some or the other ways. Scarlett, however, did not reveal much details about their breakup, because she did not want Rose to read tweaked and twisted articles about their parents’ relationship on the web, when she grew up. 

Scarlett has always attempted to give Rose a normal, ordinary childhood. She always shields her little daughter from the media and prefers to keep her in the low limelight. However, even after a divorce, Rose’s parents totally respect each other’s love and fondness for rose. Rose meets and reunites with her father every now and then, without any restrictions. 

Roses Dorothy Dauriac acts like a royal princess

Scarlett spoke about how her daughter loves doing all the ‘ladylike’ things from a very young age, in an interview with  DeGeneres. She said and we quote “she’s very, very, very girly. Like, painfully girly.” She revealed that Rose loves dressing up like a princess, watching and reading fairy tales, and acting like a royal princess. On the show, Scarlett also confessed that her daughter brings a ray of hope and positivity to her life. Scarlett also talked about her daughter in an Extra Tv interview in October 2019. She said that being a mom to such a pretty daughter really helps her and keeps her going.

When asked about roses’ thoughts about Scarlett, the actress revealed that her daughter considers her to be a real warrior. Well, this is not very surprising, considering that rose often sees her mother in superhero costumes on screen. Rose considers her mother to be her superhero, who can get her everything she wants and protect her from the entire world. 

Rose Dorothy Dauriac shares a beautiful bond with her step father

After Rose’s parents broke all ties, they have since shared custody of their daughter. Rose currently lives with her mother. In the year 2020, Scarlett married Colin Jost, a renowned comedian and TV host. The couple also brought to life Rose’s little brother, whom they named Cosmo. In many interviews, Scarlett has revealed that Rose is very fond of, and loves spending time with her new daddy. Scarlett also says that Colin has all the qualities that make him a perfect husband and an amazing father. 

Fans don’t have many glimpses of Rose Dorothy 

There aren’t many photographs of Rose Dorothy  available to the public. The only few photos one can find of her on the web are the ones captured by paparazzis, where Rose is being held by either of her parents. From the pictures it is very evident that the little rose takes after her mother. She has blonde hair, and super cute face features. 

In pictures, Rose always seems to be a happy child, the kind everybody loves to [play with. Just like many celebrities these days, Scarlett Johansson also prefers to keep her private life private. Scarlett is a very protective mother. During avengers:Endgame, Scarlett filed a suit against a paparazzi to the cops, when she felt that he had posed a threat directed towards herself and rose. 

To Conclude With

This was all about the life of superstar actress and singer’s daughter Rose Dorothy . We noticed how Rose gets the love of not two, but three parents, and is an absolutely adorable girl. Her mother never lets any evil eyes catch her daughter. Rose absolutely loves doing all the girlish stuff that girls of her age usually enjoy doing. She is very dear to both her parents, who hold her joint custody. This little 9 year old has her own separate fanbase.

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