Who Is Rosie Rivera & How She Overcame Sexual Abuse

Who is rosie rivera? Facts you don't know about rosie rivera

Who is Rosie Rivera? Facts you don’t know about Rosie Rivera – Here you will get all the details so keep reading. Pedro Rivera and Rosa Saavedra gave birth to Rosie Rivera in 1981. She is now 40 years old. Besides Juan, she has two brothers named Lupillo and Lupillo, respectively. Juan, Gustavo, and Peter Rivera, all of Rosie’s older brothers, were among those she grew up with. As Jenni Rivera’s sister, she suffered the same fate as her when their aircraft crashed in December of last year.

A well-known singer and composer, Jenni has a long and successful career. In addition, she was a well-known television producer, a businesswoman, and an actor. She was also a generous giver of time and money to worthy causes. Rosie is also an American citizen.

She was the CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises and has been on many Spanish-language reality television series as a contestant or judge. Kassandra was born in 2003 to her ex-boyfriend and her mother. In 2011, she married Abel Flores, the man she had fallen in love with earlier that year.

Marital StatusMarried
HusbandAbel Flores
Married Year2011
ProfessionWorship Leader
DaughtersKassandra Rivera and Samantha Chay Flores
SonElias Melek Flores

The Road to Success

Rosie Rivera made her broadcast debut in 2013 in Jenni Rivera’s sulfur global presentation. Famosa, Rica, and Latina was another reality program she featured. In addition, Rosie has written a screenplay titled My Broken Pieces, which explores the sexual assault she suffered as a child. Throughout the Koran, she tells about how her family’s favoritism and devotion helped her turn things around. The CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises, which is owned by her sister Jenni, was also in the room. This makes Rosie Rivera one of the most popular stars in the United States.

Rosie Rivera

A video by Rosie Rivera This is my YouTube channel. In 2014, Rossie appeared in many reality television series as the CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises. Furthermore, she was a cast member of a popular reality show in Mexico. A node in the Tu Desayuno Alegre television series featured her. A year later, she starred in the music video for Big Bad Mamas.

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Aside from that, she’s been featured in other well-known publications. She and her husband, Abel, have produced a podcast to help married couples improve their relationship by teaching them how to build a strong foundation for their union.

Rosie Rivera’s Net Worth

Rosie Rivera was always referred to as Jenni Rivera’s younger sister since her older sister was a well-known Mexican performer known as the “Queen of Banda.” Until Jenni died at the age of 43, the sisters remained inseparable. Since then, Rivera has worked hard to establish herself as an inspiring speaker, author, evangelist, and businesswoman worldwide. Rosie Rivera’s net worth has risen to $14 million due to all these achievements. An in-depth explanation of how she built her fortune is provided below.

Surviving Sexual Abuse

Rivera is the family’s lone surviving member. In addition, she was raised by four brothers and a sister, who provided her with an abundance of affection. According to an interview with Medium, she had no idea how impoverished they were since her family’s unconditional love met all of her needs.

Unfortunately, that satisfaction ended when Trinidad Marin, the ex-husband of Rivera’s sister, started assaulting her at eight. Because she had no idea Marin had abused her, the little girl was willing to engage in a “love game” with him. A sex education class in fifth grade helped Rivera realize that he was mistaken for a year. Later, she was resolved to halt the violence, but Marin threatened to murder Rivera’s one true closest friend, Jenna.

Rosie Rivera

Because of this, Rivera’s naivete continued to mistreat Jenna, believing she was saving her life. The niece confessed to her when she was thirteen years old about Marin’s abuse of Chiquis. For fear of being murdered by Rivera’s brothers, they vowed to keep their experience a secret.

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Jenni Rivera may no longer be CEO of her sister’s firm, but Rivera plans to keep her memory alive. She stated that continuing to release songs, filming documentaries, and even developing a film about Jenni’s life is the most excellent way to honor Jenni’s memory. She went on to say that she intends to write a book on the life of her late sister to serve as an inspiration for other young people.

Projects to Raise Her Wealth

According to Rivera, the film, which will be in English, was in pre-production as of March 2021. The screenplay was finished, and the only thing left was to cast the lead role. It will be worthwhile for her to be involved in the projects. With her husband, Abel Flores, Rivera started a podcast called “The Power of Us” to help couples through the challenges of marriage. It is all based on their own experiences, according to Businesswire. In the face of imminent divorce, they maintained their union to establish a stable family. She’s made a lot of money thanks to her podcast since she uploads audio recordings regularly.

Rosie Rivera’s Family and Career

Rosie’s first relationship, in which she gave birth to Kassey, failed. In 2011, she married Abel Flores, and they’ve been blissfully married since. Additionally, the pair has a podcast in which they discuss themes like trust, communication, and what each other expects of the other. “The Power of Us” is the title of this podcast.

Rosie Rivera

Their two children are the product of their union. Rosie Rivera is a mother of three and a wife. Her spouse, Abel Flores, is a well-known worship leader.

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Interesting Facts About Rosie Rivera

  • Samantha was born in the backseat of a car by Rosie.
  • Rosie Rivera has had several cosmetic procedures.
  • After overcoming sexual assault, she decided to publish her diary entries.
  • Her spouse is much younger than she is, yet they are married.
  • Chiquis, her niece, and she didn’t get along.
  • After Jenni’s death, Rosie and her husband were close to separating.


Is Rosie Rivera an advocate?

Yes, in a nutshell. Additionally, she is a Layer as well as a well-known YouTuber. After graduating from law school, she worked as an associate in a panel company. Rosie was finishing her bachelor’s degree in criminology, law, and club management at this writing.

How Did Rosie Rivera Get Rich And Successful?

Consequently, Rivera became the executor of Jenni’s estate when she died on December 9, 2012. At the time, the net worth was estimated by ABC News at $25 million. She took over as Jenni’s CEO and was in control of her songs and products.

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