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Roy Bryant Jr- Everything you Need to Know

Most people remain curious about their favorite celebrities’ private and personal lives and love reading articles that light up such topics. Today’s article is based on a similar ground where we will walk you through the biography of Carolyn Bryant’s child, Roy Bryant junior. Don’t miss out on this article because we have brought to you some crazy facts about the life of Roy Bryant junior.

Who is Caroline Bryant?

Before digging into the life of her children, let us first know who Carolyn Bryant is. Caroline Bryant is the daughter of a plantation manager. She is also a nurse and hails from Indianola, Mississippi. She is a high school dropout and has won two beauty pageants. She has got married to Roy Bryant, an ex-soldier.

Who is Roy Bryant?

Roy Bryant junior’s father, Roy Bryant, was born on 24th January 1931 in the town of Money, Mississippi, in the United States of America. He was an American nationality and Caucasian ethnicity, and his Zodiac sign was Aquarius. He was born to Henry Ezra Bryant and EULA Morgan Bryant.

Shortly after their marriage Kumar Roy and his wife migrated to Indianola, Mississippi. Roy got a mechanic job but later shifted to the welding business. At some point, he also wanted to enter the police force command, but his dream did not come true. He finally ended up with the grocery business.

In the summer of 1982, The United States Department of Agriculture accused Roy of buying food stamps and selling them back to the government at a higher value. For this crime, Roy was charged $750 and also had to serve three years’ attribution. After he got the pail, he did not correct his deeds and repeated the crime, for which he had to be imprisoned for eight more months.

Roy finally died in the year 1994 in September. Most people know them today because of his connection to the murder case of Emmett Till, many people. Many people believe that he, his wife, and his brother J.W. are closely involved in the murder.

Were Roy Bryant junior’s parents involved in a murder case?

A 14-year-old boy of the black race was brutally murdered in August 1955. His name was Emmett Till, and the charge of the murder was given to Roy Bryant and JW William, his brother, both of whom were white. Until his very death, Roy Bryant always claimed that he had no connection with the murder.

What was the case all about?

Caroline Bryant and Roy Bryant used to run a small grocery store in this small town of money, located at the heart of the Mississippi delta, which is well known for its cotton-producing capabilities. The grocery store was named Ryan’s grocery and meat market. The main motive of the store was to provide the black shack rappers and their children with all the provisions they needed.

The couple had two children, Lamar Bryant and Roy Bryant junior. These kids lived in two tiny rooms at the store’s backside.

To earn some side income, Roy also worked as a truck driver with his brother JW William. JW was a muscular 6 feet 2 inches man, and his weight was roughly 235 pounds. William often took pride in how well he could handle the Blacks. he had also won combat medals for having served in World War Two. 

On the night of 24 August 1955, the Bryant family’s life took an unexpected and unfortunate turn. On this night, a 14-year-old black teenager, Emmett Till, visited the store to buy gum. He was not alone and was accompanied by friends and cousins. After a long and tiring day of picking cotton, the boys sought refreshments. The boys went inside the store to buy soda pop or bubble gum. They bought about $0.02 worth of gum.

What happened after that is very ambiguous and blurry. Rumors suggest that Carolyn Bryant stormed out of the store. This frightened the kids, and one even said she had gone to pick up a pistol.

Carolyn later narrated the entire incident to her sister-in-law Juanita. Both the ladies unanimously agreed not to say anything about the incident to their husbands, who were out of town on their jobs. After returning, the two men decided to teach Emmett Till a lesson. On August 28, they showed up at Moses wright’s home, where the black boy was then staying. Several days later, the boy’s corpse was found.

Roy Bryant and JW William were judged for the murder and put behind bars. After this incident, the entire world knows Roy Bryant, JW William, and Carolyn Bryant about their close connection in Emmett till’s murder case food store.

Who is Roy Bryant junior?

Roy Bryant junior is the eldest son of Carolyn Bryant and Roy Bryant. He rose to prominence because of his parents, who were famous for being involved in a murder case. Bryant junior was born in 1951, but the exact month and day of his birth are unknown. In fact, a lot of information about his educational background, history, and personal life are not known because the entire Bryant family has tried to keep a low profile throughout their life because of the murder case involvement.

About his brother

Roy Brown Junior has a brother who is named Lamar Bryant. Just like his elder brother, much information about Lamar Bryant’s life is unavailable. However, it is known that he is two years younger than his brother.


So this was all about Roy Bryant Junior’s biography and his entire family. As we noticed, the entire family has lived a very secluded life, And hence much information could not be retrieved about them. The only reason the family is known to the world is through their involvement in the murder case of Emmet till.

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