Roy Roselló: The Voice Behind Menudo’s Sexual Abuse Revelations

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Roy Roselló reveals alleged sexual abuse in Menudo

Roy Roselló joined Menudo in 1983 and left the group three years later unexpectedly. After leaving the band, he tried to stay in the artistic world, but his life became quite anonymous. He began to denounce the alleged sexual abuse that he had suffered in Menudo in 2014, which created a tsunami of investigations. Although none of these investigations have had legal ramifications, they have prompted other colleagues to come forward with their own stories.

Among these former bandmates, Roselló’s testimonies are the most chilling about what they suffered in Menudo. In new statements, he has accused José Menéndez, an executive of the RCA Records label, of drugging and raping him. His testimony could change the fate of the famous Menéndez brothers, Erik and Lyle, who are serving life in prison for the assassination of their father.

Early Life and Entry into Menudo

Roy Stephan Roselló Díaz was born on May 1, 1970, in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico. He was the youngest among his three brothers and sister. Although he did not audition for Menudo through the traditional system, he was invited to audition because fans mistook him for a member of Menudo due to his proximity to the Menudo office.

Despite being coerced, Roselló’s entry into Menudo led to him becoming part of eight albums that added more than 24 million copies sold worldwide. He also achieved 10 platinum records with the group. The group held the world attendance record, with 200,000 people at the Brazilian Morumbí Stadium, in São Paulo, on March 16, 1985.

Alleged Sexual Abuse by Edgardo Díaz

Roselló revealed that Menudo’s owner, Edgardo Díaz, had manipulated him into joining the group, promising him stardom. Roselló was aware of the abuse he had faced amidst his struggles to survive living in a luxurious mansion with other group members.

In an interview, Roselló revealed that the sexual abuse he faced began when he was thirteen years old. He had to submit to being sexually abused by Díaz, who threatened him that he would be kicked out of the group if he refused.

Trauma and Suicidal Thoughts After Leaving Menudo

Roselló left Menudo in 1986, shortly before his sixteenth birthday, and his exit remains unclear. He revealed that he had tried to kill himself five times due to the trauma he faced in the group.

After leaving the group, Roselló graduated from high school, attended the Art Institute of Florida, and worked with his father to sell luxury properties to famous artists. He later moved to Las Vegas, where he had several production businesses, but he eventually returned to the entertainment industry and moved to Brazil.

Despite his experiences, Roselló has gone on to participate in numerous projects, including composing songs and participating in television programs. He has been married thrice and has five children.

Recent Allegations

Roselló’s recent allegations against José Menéndez have the potential to change the fate of the two Menéndez brothers, who are currently serving life sentences. Roselló has accused Menéndez of drugging and raping him. These accusations could have significant legal ramifications for Menéndez’s children for their father’s murder.

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