“Royal Departure: King Charles and Queen Camilla Head to Westminster Abbey”

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King Charles and Queen Camilla Begin Coronation Procession

King Charles and Queen Camilla have departed from Buckingham Palace to begin the procession to Westminster Abbey. The ceremony is being attended by a star-studded guest list, consisting of political leaders, members of the royal family, and celebrities like Dame Emma Thompson, Stephen Fry, Ant and Dec, and Lionel Richie.

The guests were seen entering the church wearing suits, headdresses, military uniforms and religious clothing and medals. However, the event was not without protests, as police detained protesters from Just Stop Oil and Republic who were stationed on the Mall and in Trafalgar Square. Banners reading “not my king” were also confiscated.

Prince Harry, who is expected to wear a morning suit instead of his military uniform, arrived in the UK a day before the event. Despite not having a formal role in the ceremony, the Duke of Sussex will be in attendance along with other high-profile individuals.

Prince Harry Arrives at Westminster Abbey

Prince Harry has arrived at Westminster Abbey for the coronation ceremony. Although not expected to have a formal role, all eyes will be on him, as this marks the first time he will be seen with his relatives since his memoir Spare, which criticized Charles, Camilla and the Princes of Wales.

Prince Andrew Booed Upon Arrival at The Mall

Prince Andrew was driven around The Mall in a State car, where he was met with jeers and boos from the crowd. Buckingham Palace confirmed that both Prince Andrew and Prince Harry will have no formal roles in the coronation. They will attend the ceremony as guests and will not perform any functions. The two men will also be absent from the procession behind the Gold State Coach, which carries the newly crowned king and queen from Westminster Abbey back to Buckingham Palace.

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It is confirmed that Prince Andrew will not be wearing a full military uniform, and he is not expected to play any role in the coronation.

In total, 200 people and horses will participate in the procession, with the King and Queen consort seated together.

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