Royal Encounter: Spanish King Joins Renowned Brands in Forum Discussion

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The King Meets With the Board of Trustees of the Foundation of the Forum of Renowned Spanish Brands

King Felipe of Spain recently met with the board of trustees of the Foundation of the Forum of Renowned Spanish Brands (FMRE) at the El Pardo Palace. As an entity that promotes the brand, innovation, and design, the FMRE works towards the internationalization of Spanish companies, contributing to the competitiveness of the country’s economy and improving Spain’s image.

As the honorary ambassador of the Spain Brand since 2007, King Felipe attended the event alongside Eduardo Sánchez Pérez, CEO of the publishing group. During the meeting, the minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Héctor Gómez, and the presidents of the Forum and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce were also in attendance.

Protector members of the FMRE such as Acciona, Barceló Hotel Group, and Inditex were present as well.

Strategic Lines and Main Projects

During the meeting, Pablo López, the general director of the FMRE, presented the strategic lines and main projects of the organization. “We are convinced that the Spain Brand is a first-rate competitiveness asset and for this reason we have to bet on it and work on it from the Forum in its economic and business dimension,” he declared.

The Reputation of Spain in the World

Fernando Prado, director of the Reputation Lab, presented the new RepCore Nations 2023 study which analyzed the reputation of Spain in the world. The reputation of a country is a key factor in value creation, as it influences the supportive behavior of international observers.

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The study found that Spain has a strong reputation in the international arena with important differences depending on the geographical environment. Spain has great strengths in quality of life and institutional quality, but areas for improvement in technology, product quality, well-known brands, quality of the educational system, and investments.

The Impact of Tourism on the Spanish Economy

In his speech, the minister highlighted the positive impact of tourism on the Spanish economy. He also stressed the importance of the international image of Spain as a factor of competitiveness for the economy. The event concluded with a colloquium among the attendees.

King Felipe of Spain’s involvement in promoting innovation and design among Spanish brands is an essential contribution to the country’s competitiveness on the world stage. Through the FMRE Foundation and other organizations, Spain is working hard to enhance its image as a global brand and attract more international investment.

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