“Royal Siblings Charlotte and George Reign Supreme at Coronation Concert”

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Prince George and Princess Charlotte steal the show again

The coronation concert held in honour of their grandfather, King Carlos III, saw Prince George and Princess Charlotte capturing all eyes, once again. Even though the absence of the beloved Prince Louis was felt, their gestures and antics kept the audience in awe.

Dancing with the stars

Princess Charlotte and Prince George showcased their best moves on the dance floor, grooving to famous guest artists like Lionel Richie and Katy Perry. However, they did seem confused with the songs they did not know.

Picture-perfect moments

The little Princess Charlotte, who could not stop waving a pennant with the flag of the United Kingdom, looked lovely in her cream and black layered chiffon gown from Self Portraits Kids. Her brother George, dressed in a formal blue jacket suit, looked just like his father, Prince William.

Adorable antics

During the concert, the adorable Princess stumbled while bowing to her grandfather, but quickly caught herself and looked around, smiling lopsidedly when she realised her parents had not noticed. Prince George, on the other hand, seemed a little tired after a weekend of celebrations and was seen yawning during the concert.

Daddy’s on stage!

Charlotte got very excited when she saw her father on stage and waved her brother’s arm, who was a little too scattered to pay attention. The little Princess was even spotted singing to Katy Perry’s hit song Roar during the concert, while Prince George was cheering to hum when Steve Winwood’s hit song Higher Love was performed.

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Looking ahead

This coronation weekend marked a significant moment for Prince George as the formal confirmation of his grandfather, Charles III as King, strengthened his position as second in line to the throne. With these little royals around, the future of the British monarchy looks undoubtedly bright!

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