Rubí: what happened and what does Cristina Pérez look like today, the actress who gave life to the sister of the ‘Descarada’

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During 2004 the telenovela Ruby, also known as “La descarada”, which attracted the attention of thousands of people and in whose successful production the actress Paty Díaz also participated. She played Cristina Pérez Ochoa, the noble older sister of ‘Rubí’ and who was characterized by being humble and kind.

In the soap opera, Perez Ochoa She had a great responsibility to help her mother Refugio, so that her family can get ahead and, at the same time, her younger sister so that she has the opportunities and things that she never had.

Paty diaz who played the role of Cristina won the applause of the followers of the Mexican production and with the end of this telenovela many of her fans will wonder what happened to the artist and in what other works she has participated.

She is also a graduate of the Televisa Art Education Center.

17 years ago the actress Paty diaz She played Cristina Pérez in the soap opera Rubí, but after that she continued working in different productions where she has also stood out for her natural charisma accompanied by her beauty and the talent she shows.

She acted 25 years ago in the soap opera La dueña. The actress also participated in productions such as the usurper Y Ruby, where he achieved great popularity that opened the doors to the artistic world.

He also participated in The most beautiful ugly (2006), In the name of love (2008), The successful Pérez (2009), What a beautiful love (2012), The unforgivable (2015) and For loving without law (2018), among others .

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In the soap opera Soltero con hijas, she played the role of Leona Lenteja and shared roles with actors such as Gabriel Soto, Vanessa Guzmán, Irina Baeva, Mayrín Villanueva, René Strickler, Laura Flores and María Sorté, among others.

In the television programs in which he has participated are SOS: Sex and other secrets, As the saying goes and Forever Joan Sebastian. He has had quite a few appearances on the big screen in productions like The Fabulous 7 and Prax: A Special Boy and Imdb reviews.

The actress Paty Díaz is 46 years old and was married to a businessman named Guillermo Piña with whom she had a son who is currently 23 years old, according to the TVyNovelas network.

The remembered actress Paty Díaz is also characterized by being one of the most active in her social networks such as Instagram. There he shares with his followers his current life, his travels, and some photographs related to his professional projects.

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