Ruby Wax’s Life of Pretense: The Truth Behind Her Struggles with Mental Health

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Ruby Wax Opens Up About Battle with Depression

Ruby Wax, the renowned actress and mental health advocate, recently opened up about her lifelong battle with depression. Despite achieving great success in her career, depression has always been an ever-present demon for Wax.

Describing mental illness as the “black hole of disease,” Wax explains that the illness can strike even when everything appears to be going well. “Your thoughts attack like little demons tearing pieces out of your brain. It’s hard to stay alive and listen,” she says.

Wax admits that she has spent much of her life creating a fake “front” to give the illusion that everything is well, but the reality is that depression has been a constant presence, lurking in the shadows.

“I’ve spent a lifetime creating a ‘front’ to give the illusion that all is well,” Wax states. “It can happen when your career is going great but it catches you off guard, depression is an illness that decides to rear its head, like herpes.”

Wax reveals that her depression became so overwhelming that it led to her visiting a church in Mirfield, where she had to lie to a priest about her whereabouts because she couldn’t face anything. “I just wanted to go to my bed, so I lied to him,” she says.

Despite her struggles, Wax has been a powerful advocate for mental health and received an OBE for her contributions in the field. She hopes that by sharing her story, it will help to remove the stigma surrounding mental illness and encourage more people to seek help when they need it.

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“It’s okay to not be okay,” Wax emphasizes. “We need to talk more openly and honestly about mental health and support each other through our struggles.”

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