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Russell Wilson's Heartfelt Tribute: 'Ciara is My Joy' on 8th Anniversary

Russell Wilson’s Heartfelt Tribute: ‘Ciara is My Joy’ on 8th Anniversary

Russell Wilson is celebrating his eight-year marriage anniversary to his wife, Ciara, with a heartwarming tribute and a hopeful glance towards a lifetime together. The Super Bowl-winning quarterback, now playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers, shared a touching compilation of videos on Instagram, capturing moments from their journey as a couple over the years.

The video compilation includes images from various red carpet events where the couple showcased their style and fashion sense. It also features personal clips of them spending quality time with their four children: Amora, six months, Win, four, Sienna, seven, and Future, 10.

In the heartfelt post, set to Mary J. Blige’s song “Sweet Thing,” Wilson wrote, “Celebrating 8 years of God’s love & grace over us @Ciara! Since we met, you’ve been my strength in every trial. My joy in every moment. My peace in every prayer. God blessed me with the most incredible gift in you!” He added, “I am so grateful for our journey together. Here’s to a lifetime more. I love you Mrs. Wilson to Heaven & back!”

The montage begins with several clips of the couple, dressed glamorously, sharing affectionate moments at various public outings. Further into the video, their children make appearances, including a moment with Future at an NBA game and a family walk together. There are also glimpses of their wedding held at Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England, on July 6, 2016.

Wilson and Ciara, who met in March 2015, publicly announced their relationship a month later. They welcomed their first child together, Sienna, in April 2017, after exchanging their vows. Win joined the family in July 2020, and their youngest, Amora, was born this past December.

In a March Instagram post marking their nine-year anniversary of first meeting, Wilson sent Ciara a massive floor-to-ceiling bouquet of red heart balloons. Ciara shared snaps and a video of her posing with the elaborate display, adding, “3.26 the day that we met…9 years ago & forever one of the best days of my life. I love you so much.”

Wilson, who played 10 seasons with the Seattle Seahawks and led them to two Super Bowls, winning the first, moved to the Denver Broncos for two underwhelming seasons. He’s now signed a one-year contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers and is competing for the starting quarterback position alongside former Chicago Bears star Justin Fields.

The video also shows snippets of the couple engaging in playful activities and spending precious moments together with their kids, highlighting their strong family bond.

Within the tribute, the couple’s unending love story and commitment to each other shine through. The celebration of their shared memories and the anticipation of more ahead paint a beautiful picture of their enduring relationship. Wilson’s words and the chosen moments clearly illustrate the deep affection and gratitude he feels for Ciara, solidifying their bond as an inspirational love story for their fans.

Source: DailyMail