Russia ‘doesn’t want to end the war, says Zelensky

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Ukrainian President Volodímir Zelensky assured this Sunday (07.17.2022) that Russia does not intend to end its invasion, while Ukraine protects itself.

“This is a war in Ukraine that Russia started, that Russia continues, and that Russia does not want to end. Ukraine defends its own land, its sovereignty, and its territory. Ukraine fights for peace,” the president said on Facebook.

“This is a cruel paradox of the 21st century and for us this is reality,” he added in his message, which is accompanied by images of Ukrainian defenders.

Earlier in his usual nightly speech, Zelensky was convinced that Ukraine will gradually be able to liberate areas occupied by Russian troops.

“Ukraine has resisted Russia’s brutal attacks. We have already managed to liberate part of the occupied territory after February 24. Little by little, we will liberate other areas of our country that are currently under occupation,” he said.

He also stressed that the most important thing is that Ukraine maintains internal unity while calling to remember what the Ukrainian people had to endure in the past before being able to restore the country’s sovereignty and independence.

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