Russia fired ten missiles at the Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv

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The Russian invaders launched ten missiles, probably S-300, against civilian positions in the town of Mykolaiv, in southern Ukraine, on Saturday night, according to reports delivered this Sunday (07.17.2022) by the Armed Forces of that country. Although the damage has not yet been assessed, there was damaged infrastructure in different parts of the city, with no reports of casualties.

“Indeed, it was a very massive attack and it is most likely that the S-300 was used again, that is, a powerful, explosive weapon with the greatest destructive capacity, the one that does the maximum damage,” said the head of the press center, Natalia Humeniuk. She added that there has been destruction and fires reported; The fire has been contained and rescue work continues.

A little earlier, the mayor of Mykolaiv, Oleksandr Senckevich, had reported through his Telegram account of “about ten powerful explosions” in the city during the night. On Friday, the invaders had bombed two important Mykolaiv university centers, the Pedagogical Institute and the Shipbuilding Institute, with missiles.

In recent weeks the Russians have intensified their attacks against this city, which they tried to take -unsuccessfully- at the beginning of the invasion. “There are no words in normal human language that can describe to what level the Russian state has degraded. It is a double crime to destroy precisely pedagogical institutes so that there is no teaching institute and no new teachers can be trained,” the president said. Ukrainian, Volodimir Zelensky, in his usual late-night speech.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Armed Forces put at least 38,300 Russian soldiers dead since the beginning of the invasion. In addition, the Kyiv forces have destroyed 1,684 tanks, 220 planes, 188 helicopters, 688 drones and fifteen ships, among others. British intelligence, for its part, places more than 50,000 Russian soldiers dead or wounded since the war began, and estimates that almost 1,700 Russian tanks have been destroyed.

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