Russia resumes gas supply via Nord Stream 1

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Gas supply was resumed via the German-Russian pipeline Nord Stream 1 after maintenance work, a company spokesman confirmed to the German Press Agency on Thursday (21.07.2022).

Natural gas began flowing through a major gas pipeline from Russia to Europe on Thursday, after a 10-day maintenance shutdown, according to the operator. But the gas flow is not expected to reach full capacity.

The Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Germany had been closed since July 11 for annual maintenance work.

Amid rising tensions over Russia’s war in Ukraine, German authorities feared the pipeline, the country’s main source of Russian gas, which has accounted for about a third of Germany’s gas supplies, would not be reopened.

Operator Nord Stream AG said gas was flowing again Thursday morning.

However, the Russian company Gazprom notified this Thursday that only 30% of the pipeline’s capacity had been supplied, the head of regulation of the German network, Klaus Mueller, explained on Twitter.

In mid-June, the Russian state company Gazprom had already reduced the flow to 40% of its capacity. He cited alleged technical problems related to equipment that his partner Siemens Energy sent to Canada for review and that could not be returned, due to sanctions imposed by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The German authorities have rejected this explanation.

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